The ABS Challenge – Little Rock Group Workout Tips

Your Spring-Summer ABS Training Plan In Little Rock

For last week’s Fitness Friday segment on THV-11 I brought a killer core training plan that literally ANYONE can do, and do it from home in minimal time.  The concept I wanted to bring to everyone is that if you are getting started with fitness or looking to upgrade your fitness, before we start hitting the arms and legs let’s hit the area that is going to give you more ‘bang-for-your-buck’….your CORE.


So your Core Training Plan for the spring and into the summer is as follows:

Level 1 (Base):  Start practicing the Front Plank.  Work up until you can do a 2-Minute Plank Hold.  If you can only do 30 seconds right now, start there.  Each day try to add 1 second.  Do it daily, be consistent and keep at it until you can do 2 minutes well.

Level 2 (Intermediate):  Now progress to the 2-Minute Hollow Body Hold. This will prove to be a little more difficult but with the strength you have built with the plank you will get there and by this you have feeling SO much stronger!

Level 3 (Advanced): Here we go! You’ve accomplished what few have, and now that you supercharged with the previous two, try to work up to the 2-Minute Hollow Body Roll! Again, start where you are, add a second each day and everyday you will feel more and more amazing.  Try it and prove me wrong that you don’t notice an incredible amount of strength in your other workouts.

Little Rock Group Fitness

At FastFit, our Little Rock fitness center, we strongly emphasize core strength during our group fitness classes. Whether you are interested in our TRX workouts, bodyweight strength training, or maybe our band workouts, being consistent with this Core Training Plan will help prepare you for our group workouts at FastFit!

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