What Our Little Rock Gym Members Are Saying About FastFit

Welcome back to the official blog of Little Rock’s best fitness center, FastFit! Today’s blog will shift gears from our typical approach, where we like to offer up a range of workouts, exercise tips, and nutritional advice.

Instead of sticking with our bread-and-butter, we’d like to share a few of our favorite reviews and testimonials with you. Why? Great question — the long and the short of it is that we think you should be able to hear from folks who were once wearing the same shoes you find yourself in; looking for an affordable and effective Little Rock fitness center with people who believe in you!

On top of that, we are very much into the idea of letting our own gym members do a bit of marketing on our behalf. That’s called a win-win in our book! So, before we dive straight in, we’ll remind you briefly about what we have to offer at FastFit before we shift our focus to some lovely testimonials provided by some great people!

Little Rock Group Fitness Programs At FastFit

In case you aren’t familiar with what we offer, the first thing that we should tell you is that we are the only Little Rock gym that offers a 100% Money Back Guaranteed Fitness Club. The fact is, we are so confident in our program’s effectiveness that we are able to back up what we say by guaranteeing our results. If you’d like to lose a full pant size in 30 days — without spending hours in the gym every day — our 21 Day Jumpstart Program is 21 days of fitness classes for just $21. It’s Little Rock’s best option for express workouts that are efficient and effective.

If you are a busy man or woman in Central Arkansas, you should know that we are not only efficient, but we offer well-rounded fitness programs at FastFit. From nutritional support to bodyweight and TRX workouts, we make sure each of our members has a personalized, balanced approach to their fitness goals. We work with you individually to tailor a program especially for you!

Gym Reviews

Below you’ll find a selection of a few of our favorite reviews, recommendations, and testimonials we’ve received. If you are interested in hearing it straight from the “horse’s mouth,” we’ve got you covered!

Little Rock’s Best Kept Secret

The class is quick, easy and the support is wonderful! I’m in love with this program. Little Rock’s best kept secret. I’m so glad I was up for the challenge!” – Kawachii W., Recommendation, Facebook

Kawachii, thanks so much for taking the time to let us and others know what you like about FastFit. What’s so amazing is how great of a workout you can get in just 30 minutes! And then you are free to go about the rest of your day!

Very Much A Family Atmosphere

Have been working out there for almost a year. Jeff and all of the trainers that work there are great and it is very much a family atmosphere. I have met many great people and have lost a total of 60 pounds since joining.” – Jonathan T., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Jonathan, thanks for your kind words and commitment to regularly joining us at FastFit! It’s amazing that you have been able to lose so much weight while exercising with us, but what’s maybe even more spectacular is the “family atmosphere” you mentioned in your review. Jeff and the rest of us work hard to foster a culture like you’ve described, but at the end of the day it’s people like you who make that dream a reality! Keep up the great work, Jonathan!

Perfect For The Working Momma!

I have loved every one of the trainers! They are so encouraging and know exactly how to push you to that next level! I also love that it’s group fitness, so you have the support of others. AND I really love that the workout are designed to be super effective for short periods of time! Perfect for the working momma!” – Sidney B., Five Stars, Facebook

Sidney, yes. This review is fantastic and we appreciate you so much. Thanks for the shout-outs to the trainers, specifically with how we do our best to motivate. But what we loved in this review most of all is how you frame our group workouts as essentially bootcamp for moms. More specifically, we offer quick and efficient workout classes for working moms (and dads) who have to juggle crazy schedules. Thanks again, Sidney!

The Training Is Superb

The best fitness training and trainers in Little Rock. I love my fitness family at Fastfit. If you are looking to change your body and health consider trying Fastfit. The training is superb.” – John K., Recommendation, Facebook

John, thanks so much for your recommendation! We appreciate you showing the personal trainers at FastFit some love, and we are so thrilled to be able to be a part of your personal fitness journey. Thanks again!

Loved The Tuesday Evening TRX Class!

“I loved the workouts and the encouragement from all the trainers as well as the other participants! I especially loved the Tuesday evening TRX class! If you (are) thinking about committing to one of the 21 day FASTFIT classes, DO IT!” Angela J., Recommendation, Facebook

Angela, we love this review almost as much as we love the results you get from our TRX workouts in Little Rock. You alluded to how well people cheer each other on, which is great. And what’s even better is that you brought up our TRX class, a big part of our group training program. If you are a busy business professional in Little Rock, our bodyweight core workouts using TRX suspension training is one of the most efficient fitness programs you can join! Thanks again, Angela.  

Excellent Trainers

Phenomenal training program with excellent trainers, love the community aspect of the training we go through, we are all in it together. Lots of available class times, just give Jeff a call.” – Trent F., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Trent, you are right, Jeff is the man — he’s so passionate about helping each person who walks through our doors achieve their fitness and wellness goals that it becomes contagious! Thanks for highlighting the community, team-minded spirit we’ve got going on at FastFit, Trent.

The People Are The Best You’ll Find Anywhere

Best gym in central Arkansas. The classes are challenging, only 30-minutes for busy individuals, and the people are the best you’ll find anywhere. If I could give it more than a 5 star recommendation, I would!” – Jackie D., Recommendation, Facebook

Jackie, your five-stars and kind words mean a lot to us. But your consistent dedication to improving your fitness and wellness is a true inspiration. Thanks so much for trusting us to guide you toward getting in the best shape of your life!

Join Us!

So there you have it. We are passionate and focused about what we do, and what we do is make sure that folks in Little Rock have a high-efficiency option for getting in shape! Join our 21 Day Jumpstart Program for just $21! It’s time to lean out, get stronger, and reclaim your fitness potential! Sign up today.