What Workouts Can You Do At Our Little Rock Gym?

Welcome back to the FastFit blog! In our last post, we highlighted what our LIttle Rock gym members are saying about FastFit and our workout programs. We hope you get a chance to read our gym reviews because they give you a pretty good feel for what you can expect when you sign up with FastFit. We like that aspect of the blog, naturally, but we’ll also never turn down the opportunity to let our gym members do a bit of marketing on our behalf!

In the blog before that, we offered up some Little Rock group workout tips in order to help jumpstart your summer fitness routine. Be sure to check that blog out when you get a chance, especially because there is a handy workout video to help you maximize your core workouts!

Fitness Training In Little Rock

Now that we’ve caught you up with where we’ve been, let’s talk about where we are going. Today’s blog, as the title already gave away, is all about highlighting what kind of fitness programs and types of workouts you can perform at FastFit. We’ll start off with the theory of our 30-Minute EXPRESS Workout before we break down each kind of workout you can do at our local fitness center.

So, if you are looking for an exclusive, sophisticated fitness club in Little Rock that is serious about helping you meet your fitness goals, keep reading! This blog is for you.

FastFit: 21 Day Jumpstart – 21 Days For $21

Welcome to the most effective and innovative group training, nutrition, and lifestyle fitness program in all of Little Rock. While most gyms try to be all things for all people, we aren’t like most gyms in this way. Instead, we offer a unique fitness program for busy professionals who are looking to lean out, gain confidence (and muscle), and feel amazing about themselves!

Our 21 Day Jumpstart Program is a comprehensive and efficient training regimen. We do this by offering 30-minute express workouts that get more done in less time. For busy men and women who want to get into the best shape of their life with just three 30-minute workouts per week, this is the Little Rock group fitness program for you! We’ll help you be focused and committed to meeting your short and long-term fitness goals when you sign up for 21 days for just $21 at FastFit!

Training Overview:

Our 30-Minute EXPRESS Metabolic Workouts are designed for busy people who are serious about building strength, boosting their metabolism, and accelerating fat loss through the use of several key techniques. We use high-intensity, bootcamp-style fitness sessions where members will be directly supervised by our team of trainers. You won’t be left to your own devices with our group fitness classes; we keep you motivated while coaching you up on form and theory!

Additional details on our EXPRESS Workouts:

  • Our 30-minute workouts are designed for busy individuals. That’s why we offer them at 7 different training times: 6 am, 7 am, 9 am, 5 pm, 6 pm, and 6:45 pm.
  • We also provide you with nutritional support via Done-For-You Rapid Fat Loss Meal Plans and Monthly Grocery Store Tour and a nutritional seminar. Find more helpful information by clicking on our nutritional resource.
  • Receive members-only membership site access which features downloadable workout and nutrition e-Books along with Workout Muse mp3 soundtracks and a members forum for a boost of social support and accountability!
  • That’s not all! We are willing to GUARANTEE that you will experience a clothing-size reduction in your first month as a member…or you get your money back! We are pretty sure you won’t find that at any other gym in Little Rock.

It sounds well and good, doesn’t it? But how exactly were we able to create a program that allows members get twice the results in half the time? How exactly do we help you double your flexibility, reduce and rid yourself of nagging aches and pains, all why improving posture?

It’s not just one thing. As we mentioned, nutrition is a big component insofar as we will help you learn to eat the right meals at the right time to optimize your fitness efforts while still being satisfied. We help you experience a world of possibilities with a team of experienced, passionate coaches who are invested in your success!

FastFit Workout Types

It’s about drive, consistency, and discipline, yes, but that’s not the whole picture. It’s also about distributing that energy and focus in the right ways. With that in mind, let’s get into the details of the variety of FastFit workouts you will experience when you become a member!

Band workouts

We utilize metabolic circuit training, which means we incorporate a variety of band workouts, bodyweight strength training, kettlebell workouts, TRX workouts, and more. The variety of workout types provides a wealth of benefits.

Regarding band workout benefits in particular, the key is that band workouts allow you to exercise your whole body in a range of ways. We’ll teach you how to maximize your band workouts by adding variety to what you are doing. Over time, your muscles will adapt to a consistent routine of exercises, so the versatility of bands is crucial to what we do here at FastFit!

Bodyweight Workouts

As a part of our circuit training, we incorporate bodyweight workouts for strength training. It’s a lot more than just lunges and push-ups; we utilize a range of bodyweight workouts to build muscle mass while trimming fat. It’s one of the keys to being able to get results while working out just three times per week at only a half-hour per session!

Fun fact: Performing bodyweight workouts has been found to accelerate typical recovery times when compared with traditional weight training.

Kettlebell Workouts

We don’t claim to have invented the kettlebell workout, or bodyweight/band workouts for that matter! However, we will be the first to tell you how important each of these kinds of workouts are to your overall fitness. Kettlebell training gets the heart pumping like nobody’s business, as you can burn up to 20 calories a minute when you are in full flow! Kettlebell training is generally easy on the body, it’s functional training, and is remarkably versatile. We use kettlebells in a few different ways at FastFit, so we’ll be happy to teach you how to use them when you join us for a class!

TRX Workouts

TRX suspension training is showing up in more and more gyms these days for one key reason — they facilitate an incredible workout that helps you build a rock-solid core. And while you might be a bit hesitant about doing your best olympic gymnast impression in front of a group of new people, don’t worry! We won’t throw you in the deep end right away. Instead, we’ll start with where you are at and grow from there. There are plenty of TRX suspension exercises which cater to a range of fitness levels, from professional athletes to seniors!

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