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Cancellation/Suspension Policy

Understand that by requesting this change you are forfeiting any discounts or deals that your current membership was purchased under. Also understand that if you are choosing to SUSPEND your membership it must be a minimum of 30 days and maximum of 90 days and is subject to a $15 administrative fee.

It’s also important to understand that if you are choosing to CANCEL your membership prior to the length of time agreed upon in the membership agreement you are subject to a $199 administrative fee. If applicable, any and all fees may be paid to FastFit by check or credit card on the day of cancellation request.

Cancellation Process

As stated on the membership agreement you filled out at the beginning, you must provide us with a 30 Day Cancellation Notice to have your membership cancelled.  No Exceptions. 

You will need to submit a completed cancellation form by handing it personally to a coach at FastFit or email it back to

Download Your Cancellation Form Here