Don’t Just Survive… Thrive This Holiday Season!

Imagine… A Training and Nutrition Program SO Effective, You Won’t Feel Guilty Enjoying A Few Holiday Treats!

If you have struggled year after year, putting on weight each and every holiday season then this program MIGHT be for you.

You probably noticed that I said MIGHT. If I was trying to convince you to even consider this program, why would I not tell you exactly why it is for you?

It’s simple. It really might not be!

I’ll save you some time deciding by giving you a quick test…


  • You think you can diet away the extra holiday pounds in January 
  • You aren’t prepared to commit to 21 days of effort
  • You are already in great shape and don’t stress out about the holidays or gaining weight

Then this program isn’t for you! So if you answered yes to any of those questions, feel free to stop reading…

If not, I have some exciting news.

The team at [Business Name] just put the finishing touches on a new fitness program!

Now, I know we get busy during the holidays and there are dozens of reasons most people gain weight… Here are a few…

  • On the “big days”, there are “big feasts”. We gorge ourselves on all the food… and then we gorge ourselves on all the dessert
  • We are constantly going to holiday parties… and there are tons of treats
  • We spend so much time shopping, decorating, wrapping, and traveling that there is very little time to even think about working out
  • We eat leftover Halloween candy simply because it’s there

Does that sound familiar?

I’m telling you now that you can reverse the trend this year… When every other gym in the country is cutting their hours to save money because their membership is declining, we are challenging our community to step up and commit to a 21-day fitness action plan.

What makes us so confident that this approach will be successful?

We take advantage of something we like to call… 

The 3 Critical Weight Loss Factors

  • Factor #1: There MUST Be a Deadline

    This is Psychology 101. If there is no urgency, there is no reason for most people to take action. Think about it. At work, do you often finish your tasks days in advance, or do you find that you get things done right at the deadline? We take the same approach. We give you 21 days. That’s it.
  • Factor #2: It MUST Be Simple AND Methodical

    Many fitness programs promise incredible results, but when you actually look at them, you get confused. They’re impossible to follow! On the other extreme are programs where there really isn’t much of a plan at all. You show up, get really tired by going through a series of random exercises, but end up with no results.

    In our 21-day program, every exercise is carefully planned, and we build in various levels of difficulty to fit your current fitness level. However, all you need to do is follow the advice of our coaches. It was difficult on us to build the method, but it’ll be easy for you to do!
  • Factor #3: There MUST Be a Challenge to Make Change

    You can’t spell “challenge” without “change”. Something interesting happens when you give already motivated people a little bit of an extra incentive… a challenge. What is interesting is that most people rise to meet it! They do have to step out of their comfort zones a bit to do so, but then again, that is the purpose of a challenge!

Without these 3 factors, most exercise programs are going to fail. People need deadlines, simplicity, AND a challenge. If you’ve been missing these 3 critical fat loss factors and are just dreading what you’ll see in the mirror come January… then your struggle can end now…

the 21-Day holiday survival challenge!

The challenge is specifically designed for YOU to achieve fitness success during the most difficult time of the year!  

Here’s what you get:

  • A deadline– You have 21 days. Where will you end up?
  • A simple and effective training program– We’ve written 9 scientifically sound training sessions specifically designed to incinerate fat off your midsection, thighs, and arms.
  • A challenge– In this program, you’ll be asked to step out of your comfort zone. You’ll be asked to try a few things during your workout you’ve never done before. You’ll be asked to pay attention to what you are eating. It’ll be difficult, but we know you have what it takes to succeed.

Okay… those are just the basics… but because we really care about your success, we’ve decided to include these bonuses as well…

  • 21 days of fat-melting meal plans, including simple to prepare, delicious recipes
  • A Personal Success Session where you’ll meet with a coach and map out your individual plan for success
  • Your very own personal Accountability Coach who will call you every week and ensure you have the support you need to succeed.

If you are still skeptical if this is the right program for you… see what our current clients have to say about our program.

If you don't whether to consider this....

This is the UNFORTUNATE TRUTH about the holidays for most people. 

You rarely put yourself first.  You’re always ‘doing’ for others.  Your wants, your needs…they all get shuffled around so that you can provide magical moments for the kids, so you can entertain and impress your guests, or so that you can make absurd accommodations for that one relative who has “special quirks.”

Taking care of others is wonderful, but it can go too far if you sacrifice yourself to do it. It can negatively impact YOUR HEALTH, and I don’t just mean your waistline. I’m talking about your mental health, and even your relationships. 

In accepting my invitation to take on this challenge please note, I’m not asking for a lot of your precious time… just 21 short days.

So, while considering what to give everyone else, think about getting yourself just 1 small gift… I know what you can achieve if you commit yourself for just 21 days.

To accept the challenge, simply [Instructions for enrolling]

Put more details about the program (times and dates, business address, etc.

Similar challenges we run throughout the year cost as much as $XX, but if you act today, you can join us for just $YY