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FastFit Specializes in 30-Minute EXPRESS Workouts For The Busy Person Looking to Feel Better, Move Better and Look Better Through World-Class Coaching and UNPARALLED Motivation and Support!

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  • Our METABOLIC TRAINING sessions are world-class 40-minute  supervised workouts that feature the ultimate flexibility routine combined with both metabolic conditioning and strength training in one big bang  training session that covers everything someone needs. 
  • CROSS TRAINING are flexible, customized training times where each client chooses their own “cross training” experience such as more Mobility/Flexibility, Metabolism/Fat Loss, or Muscle-Building/Strength program to follow under the direct supervision of a trainer. 
  • FACETIME TRAINING sessions are 1-on-1 Personalized Training for those who struggle to get into the gym but need direct coaching and accountability via FaceTime.