discover the secret to the lean, athletic body you have always wanted...

The STRENGTH ACADEMY will have you feeling stronger, boost your confidence and get you that tight, toned look!

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All too often in the fitness industry, we have forgotten how impactful strength training can be in helping us lose fat, build muscle and get that lean, athletic look all ladies strive to achieve.

The popularity of metabolic workouts has taken off and the promise of great results is a big reason why.


Don’t get me wrong! I have built an entire business over the past decade and a half featuring the best 30-Minute workouts in Little Rock, but I also recognize that a few of my clients might be missing out on reaching their potential by missing out on the strength training component.

That is exactly why I have created the Strength Academy for Women! (Sorry guys)

These 6-weekly sessions will introduce you to new exercises, help develop more strength throughout your whole body than you have ever had and improve your ability to get more from your other workouts.

You see, when you get stronger, your other workouts get better.  It’s like putting a high performance engine in your car.

This program could be THE thing to break through any plateau you are having and reach new heights in fitness.

This 6-Week Academy Will Feature:

  • A customized strength program to help you reach goals no matter where you are starting!
  • One 45-minute Strength Academy session with Jeff McDaniel each week for six weeks.
  • World Class teaching on how the Hollywood actresses get in superhero shape
  • Skyrocket your confidence!

The Strength Academy begins on March 16th at 6pm and will meet each Tuesday at 6pm for six weeks.

There is a catch though!

To make sure I can give my best to you, I’m limiting this to 6-8 ladies ONLY.

If you have ever wondered what is truly possible to accomplish with your body now is your chance.

Are you ready to Tighten, Tone and Get Your Cut On? 😉

Get The Entire Six-Week Academy for Just 60 Bucks!