Jeff McDaniel FastFit

Jeff McDaniel, BS-ES, CPT, Founder, and Program Director

Jeff McDaniel, BS-ES, CPT is a nationally recognized fitness boot camp instructor and personal trainer. Having twice been selected as “Best Personal Trainer” in Little Rock by Sync Weekly and Soiree’ magazines, he has worked with clients nationwide through his metabolic training program. He is the founder of FastFit Bootcamps, Little Rock’s premiere fitness boot camp for men and women of all ages. He also writes for local publications and performs speaking engagements to help educate people on how to move better, feel better and look better.

Jeff is Metabolic Training Certified (MTC) and specializes in bringing results to people through his own fusion of corrective exercise and metabolic workouts that are designed to bulletproof the body, improve performance, and maximize results from training. Jeff currently works with over 100 clients in the central Arkansas area.

In addition to his local FastFit business, Jeff also is an owner of Bootcamp-To-Go. An online training company that features follow-along workouts, audio tracks, and nutritional information designed for the busy individual who doesn’t have time to travel to a gym or health club. Bootcamp-To-Go now offers close to 200 workouts in follow-along and instructional-style, including over 18 3-week transformation programs that are the exact same metabolic workouts Jeff utilizes at his training facility in west Little Rock.

If you have been looking for “exercise classes near me,” look no further than Jeff McDaniel and our Little Rock boot camp at FastFit. Contact us today to learn more!