Real World Eating for Unreal Results!

Build A Supercharged Metabolism: Our Rapid Fat Loss System is all about building and maintaining a supercharged metabolism; one that will have you burning ugly, unwanted body fat AND building lean muscle 24-7-365.

The 3 Principles of Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition:


No more miserable starvation diets that leave you fatter and more frustrated! Our customized meal plans will have you eating every 3-4 hours for 4-6 meals

RAPID FAT LOSS #2 – Eat the RIGHT Meals at the RIGHT Times

Learn what to eat when! Eternal Eating consists of two main types of meals: core meals and activity meals. Core meals consist of lean proteins, fruits and veggies, and healthy fats and can be eaten anytime. Activity meals consist of lean proteins, fruits and veggies, and nutrient dense carbohydrates (whole grains and legumes) and are best consumed either for breakfast or within 3 hours of intense activity. This simple yet remarkably effective nutrient-timing strategy alone is worth the price of admission and will take your sex appeal to the next level!

RAPID FAT LOSS #3 – Eat Portions, Not Calories

Never count calories again! Learn how to build your meals using real-world serving sizes for your gender. Over 80% of the foods you will eat won’t require more than your fist as a measuring tool. This nutritional system for our Little Rock gym members is all about practical portion control to get results!

Dramatically Improve Overall Health, Performance and Body Composition

Our tried and tested nutrition system is backed by both scientific research and the real world results of our clients. Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition is so effective even children and pregnant women use it!!

Simple, Convenient and Affordable

Forget about those expensive, time-consuming “gourmet” recipes! There are NO chefs here, just great tasting AND healthy recipes for real, busy people like YOU! Can’t cook? No problem! I have the culinary skills of a caveman. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you! Our Quick-Start Guide will teach you eating to get results in 5 minutes or less. Furthermore, our Meal Planning and Preparation guide will teach you how to save TIME and MONEY when buying the foods and making the meals that will change your life, in addition to teaching you how to eat at restaurants and when traveling. We hope you are beginning to see why more and more people are choosing FastFit as their Little Rock nutritionist to complete their holistic fitness and wellness program.

Complete Customization

It’s all about YOU! We provide individualized meal plans for YOUR gender, body type and goal(s)! Whether your goals are fat loss, lean muscle gain, and/or maximizing athletic performance, Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition provides the blueprint for YOU to success like never before.

Flexible Eating

Learn how to get results while eating the foods you love! Nutritional consistency is the goal of Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition — not perfection! Time and time again our clients have achieved incredible results following our system just 80-90% of the time, while still allowing for weekly indulgences. However, most of our clients find themselves phasing out of non-approved food choices because the results of Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition are simply addictive! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at FastFit if you are looking for a nutritionist in Little Rock who is worth their salt! We’d love to hear from you.

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