step-up mobility flow

I dropped by THV-11 do my #WorkoutWednesday segment for The Vine and showed my newest favorite mobility drill that I highly recommend everyone adding to your daily routine.  All you need is a high box setup and that’s it!  Check it out:

How To Do It:

Start with with this position that is very Spider-man Lunge-like.  Work on both knee flexion and hip mobility by rocking forward on to the toes and backwards on to the heel.  Also, open up the adductors by pressing the knee out for an excellent groin stretch.

Next, move into a leg elevated version of the classic Pigeon Pose to place the emphasis on the glute/hip rotators and piriformis.  This is essential for those with back pain or discomfort.

Now shift the focus to the upper body and trunk by lengthening out your lats, obliques and thoracic spine by working some rotational patterns into the mix.

Lastly, get into the 3-way hamstring stretch by straightening out the leg on the box and working the inner, middle and outer part of the hamstring and finding the tightest areas. 

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