Hottest Fitness Trends For 2020

Okay this is a completely unscientific report on my part but being in my fourteenth year of working in the fitness industry I have seen trends come and go and this is what I can almost guarantee will be the top trends this year.  I did a segment for THV-11 on this last week.  You can read more about it below.

#1 HIIT Workouts:  This is certainly not new.  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has been around for year. (It was my #1 in 2019 as well) But it’s going to become even trendier as people gravitate more to shorter, more intense workouts to fit fitness into their busy work-life schedule.  It’s why I built FastFit way back in 2009 on the 30-Minute EXPRESS Workouts.  People just simply don’t have time to do marathon long workouts very consistently.  Many of our members at FastFit can do a daily 30-minute workout with us where these gyms that hold 60-minute or even 90-minute classes make it difficult for their members to have any consistency.

#2 Wearable Tech:  Things like FitBit and the Apple Watch have been a staple of fitness for several years now, but look for technology to start making it’s way INTO the actual fabric of clothing. T-shirts, compression shorts, sports bras and more will be able to literally track your workout progress and sync with your smartphone.  We’re not there yet at FastFit but we have made the move to using MyZone with our clients which is a heart rate monitor that fits around the trunk of the body. Why a chest strap? Wrist trackers are only 40% accurate since you are dealing pulse rate versus actual heart rate.  We chose to use the MyZone tech and it’s been a big help to us in how we can train our clients, improve their progress, and ultimately get them to their fitness goals quicker!


#3 Functional Training & STRENGTH!  Traditional workouts with women have historically been more on the cardio side of exercise, but we are seeing a big move in ladies wanting to actually life weights! It’s pretty amazing.  Since we started our NXT LVL (Next Level) class this year, which is a class that combines the cardiovascular benefits of cardio training with strength gaining benefits of lifting we have gotten such amazing feedback from mostly the ladies! They love leaving the gym feeling strong, confident and ready to take on the world!  Check out our NXT LVL classes with our 21-Day Jump Start


#4 Community-Based Fitness: This has been happening in the Crossfit and Yoga worlds for several years.  It’s this ‘tribal’ mentality that these particular pockets of fitness have built that leads to a strong community of like-minded fitness enthusiast.  This is very much a growing trend.  We do it here at FastFit for sure.  The days of going to a gym, putting on your earphones while tread milling while never speaking to anyone is becoming less the norm.  People realize they thrive in fitness when it’s with their friends, family or co-workers.